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 “Trading on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Past performance is not indicative of future results.”

o.Hannah was designed around a very simple principle, the market is a black box. With the advent of machine learning, quantum computers, deep-learning systems, and high frequency trading, can a person with a store bought computer and a retail-grade connection still compete?


The most common themes today in EA building, or any automated trading system, all revolve around the 100 year old technique of differentials in moving averages. As hard as programmers try, through alternative data, inventive re-sampling of existing OHLCV data, or through taking advantage of temporary mechanical weaknesses in a broker’s system, the fact of the matter remains that moving average systems with correct parameters outperform their counterparts. Moving average systems have, for 100 years and for millions of traders, been the primary weapon of choice.

Why should o.Hannah’s technique interest you?

The trading philosophy of o.Hannah as mentioned earlier revolves around the assumption the market is a black box. If we assume the market is a black box, suddenly our trading decisions can be much more rational. Using ONLY data that can be read from the Instrument o.Hannah makes no assumptions what the future might hold. o.Hannah’s proprietary algorithms calculate the current strength and trend of the instrument and place trades that will yield the statistically highest chance of success. Simultaneously, based strictly on the current instrument activity, o.Hannah is also calculating for the likelihood of a complete reversal of the trend and actively taking guarding positions to protect against unanticipated volatility.

The biggest pitfall of all moving average trading systems is their inability to adapt.

When designing o.Hannah, the desire was to only compose the EA from the most reliable and time tested techniques that have found their way into every successful trader’s toolbox. o.Hannah needed to have the primary abilities to understand when the price average was diverging, and by how much. Experienced traders that have used less evolved automated systems are very familiar with the whipsaw effect that unrefined moving average techniques can produce. This whipsaw effect is an artifact of trading systems that do not manage their risk, understand their trades in relation to the market, or correlate anything other than a few variables against their buy and sell conditions. o.Hannah’s fully developed, and automatic, risk management system takes positive control in situations that would typically produce the whipsaw effect and prevents the account from placing trades that are destined to fail. To increase o.Hannah’s adaptability, as volatility increases, the real-time market monitoring system will begin to detect the account is at threat. If a spike in volatility is detected, o.Hannah will take measures to reduce exposure while also simultaneously testing the market to see if the new available price that is being offered would be an opportunity for a well placed trade.


Can I use the EA with a US Forex broker?
o.Hannah is specifically developed for United States forex brokers.

Is the EA broker specific?
No, the EA will work with any broker that offers the MT4 trading platform.

What is the minimum account balance?
o.Hannah is EXTREMELY flexible in the size of accounts it can trade. The default parameters will keep all accounts that have a starting balance above $2,000.00 USD under-leveraged. If after some time trading with o.Hannah you decide you are ready to increase your risk profile, the default parameters can be adjusted.

Money Management:
The EA comes with built in money management. You can increase or decrease the lot size as well as determine lot size minimums and maximums.

Is this a grid, martingale EA?
No, although their are similarities within o.Hannah to some martingale systems, the purpose of the trade is to mitigate risk after profit has already been generated.

How does the EA manage news releases?
o.Hannah is specifically designed to autonomously, without any support, detect news events through market activity and take action accordingly based on the magnitude of the market movement.
The primary objective is to be an active participant in the market.

Are there any costs after I purchase the EA?

Do you offer  customer support?

Does the EA come with the source code?

Is the EA fully automated?
Yes, the EA is 100% automated.

How many trades will the EA take per week?
With the default settings, on an average week, you would anticipate roughly 30 trades per instrument. Higher volatility conditions will mean more trades per week.

Is the EA compatible with Windows 10?
Yes, the EA will work with all versions on Windows.

Does o.Hannah promise you 5%/10%/100% returns per hour/day/month?
Absolutely not. o.Hannah is an automated strategy that has the same limitations as all other trading strategies. o.Hannah can not predict the future.

No, seriously, how much money can o.Hannah generate?

How much do you have in your account, and how much are you willing to risk is a far better question. I do not release back-test results that will never happen in real trading, I do not promise you every day will be a green day. But, I promise you that when you trade with o.Hannah, you will trade with a confidence you have not yet experienced.

Can i get a refund if I don’t meet my trading goals with o.Hannah?

We do not offer refunds on purchased products, once you have successfully downloaded the item [1] one time, you have taken delivery of o.Hannah and are no longer eligible for a refund.